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See your property shine with a premier pressure washing service!

Are you looking to boost the curb appeal of your Abilene property? X-Stream Clean Pressure Washing provides professional power washing services in and around Abilene.

"X-Stream pressure washed my house and porch. Looks AWESOME! Very nice and professional. 100% recommend!"

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Your trusted Abilene pressure washers!

Is the exterior of your home looking lackluster? Wouldn't pulling up your driveway and seeing a sparkling clean property be nice? No garden hose is necessary, X-Stream Clean Pressure Washing can help you.

Our professional technicians provide various pressure washing services, including house, concrete, window, and commercial exterior cleaning. With the experience and knowledge to understand the correct cleaning solution and the best pressure, we will pressure wash your property carefully and effectively.

Experienced Pressure Washer

You can feel at ease knowing that your home's exterior is safe. At the same time, our knowledgeable team carefully cleans your property using the correct level of water pressure that will reduce any risk of damage to your home.

Honest Service with a Veteran-Owned Company

It is not only sparkling clean surfaces that you can expect; as a veteran-owned company, you will receive friendly, honest, and personable service so you can feel assured that your happiness is our top priority.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

You can have confidence you will see the results you expect when hiring us. If you are not satisfied with your pressure washing service, you do not pay.

Your dependable veteran-owned residential pressure washer.

Your home is one of your largest investments and keeping it in its best shape is important. X-Stream Clean Pressure Washing offers your Abilene home the utmost in residential pressure washing for its stubborn stains and thickest dirt. When you hire us to clean your home's surfaces, you'll be amazed at the pristine cleaning we can achieve. Without chipping, cracking, or damaging your materials, we can strip away every layer of grime to reveal a sparkling surface underneath.

Which residential pressure washing service can we help you with today?

House Washing

Your home's vinyl siding may be looking grimy and dirty. Still, unfortunately, a regular garden hose or high-pressure water spray is not the answer to removing dirt properly without causing any damage. At X-Stream Clean Pressure Washing, we utilize the soft washing method to clean your home exterior, which uses a lower pressure combined with the correct cleaning solutions to ensure a thorough, effective clean without the risk of damage.

A before and after photograph of the vinyl siding of a white home that was dirty before being cleaned by X-Stream Clean Pressure Washing
A before and after photograph of a metal roof that was dirty before being cleaned by X-Stream Clean Pressure Washing in Abilene, TX

Roof Washing

Stains and dark spots on your roof are common, but if left unchecked, they can be detrimental to your overall health and lifespan due to the risk of wood rot and shingle deterioration. At X-Stream Clean Pressure Washing, we provide soft washing for your roof to safely remove dirt and grime, helping to increase the lifespan of your roof and reduce the risk of expensive repairs.

Concrete Cleaning

Whether your patio has seen better days or your driveway has taken the brunt of vehicle and foot traffic over the years, we can help restore your concrete with our effective power wash service. We use a power washer that has impressive cleaning power that will blast away grime and dirt from your concrete surface and leave it looking like new.

A before and after photograph of a driveway that has been cleaned by X-Stream Clean Pressure Washing in Abilene, TX
Two trash bins on a residential street

Trash Bin Cleaning

Naturally, your trash bin may not be sparkling clean and smelling fresh, but this environment makes it the perfect place for bacteria to grow. At X-Stream Clean Pressure Washing, we will clean and disinfect your trash bins using a high-temperature spray and the proper cleaning solutions to sanitize your bin properly. When we are finished, you will be amazed how clean and fresh-smelling your trash bin is!

RV/Camper Washing

Perhaps your home is on wheels, or maybe you have an RV or Camper van for your vacation getaways — whatever the case, your investment deserves to be clean too. At X-Stream Clean Pressure Washing, we remove grime and dirt that has built up on your vehicle  from the road and will effectively clean your windows and wash your tires and rims. The results will make you excited to get back out on the road!

A before and after photograph of an RV that has been cleaned by X-Stream Clean Pressure Washing

"I highly recommend Extreme Clean, I had Trebor come out and pressure wash and clean our driveway, walk way and porches along with our patio table. Gave my house a clean fresh look. If you need something deep cleaned this is the place to call."

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Give your customers the best first impression!

The exterior appearance of your commercial property plays a vital role in visitors' first impressions of your business. Therefore, it is important to keep it clean. With the amount of foot traffic around your property, it is natural that dirt and stains will come — but X-Stream Clean Pressure Washing can help with this.

Which commercial pressure washing service can we help you with today?

Building and Storefront Washing

As local business owners, we know how important it is to take care of our businesses to thrive and serve our communities. Whether you want to make a great first impression on new clients or desire to maintain the look of your commercial property, we've got you covered.

We will pressure wash your building exterior safely, and on a schedule that works best for you so there is minimal disruption for your customers. You can count on us to help you have the best first impression for your customers!

Building before and after being pressure washed in Abilene, TX
Yellow parking stall lines

Parking Lot Cleaning

A safe, clean, and accessible parking lot is important to your business operations. Over time, dirt, oil, and other harmful contaminants will build upon the surface of your commercial property's parking garage, making it a health and safety hazard and damaging your concrete. At X-Stream Clean Pressure Washing, our team of experienced pressure washers will restore your parking lot surfaces and ensure it is safe for all visitors.

Graffiti Removal

Street art can be a beautiful and inspiring way for the community to stand out, and we love to see it. But sometimes, graffiti on your building is unwanted and can be off-putting for potential visitors to your business. At X-Stream Clean Pressure Washing, we understand how to remove spray paint effectively from your building exterior, leaving it to look sparkling clean.

A close-up photograph of a pressure washing cleaning a wall

"The power washing difference in our church was night and day. Our concrete looks new again and was poured in the 50s! I would highly recommend for any cleaning service that you need!!!"

Concho Baptist via Google
A professional window cleaner using a squeegee to clean a residential window

Window Cleaning

Your windows play a vital part in the overall appearance of your property exterior. If your windows are stained and streaky, your clean home siding may not be having the desired effect.

At X-Stream Clean Pressure Washing, we also provide professional window cleaning services that evenly clean your window panes so they are left sparkling like the rest of your home exterior.

"Quick to respond and very thorough work. He's makes everything super clean and fast. I would highly recommend X-Stream Clean to keep things shiny and clean!"

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See your Abilene home or commercial property sparkle!

If you are searching for the best pressure washer in Abilene, you can count on X-Stream Clean Pressure Washing for all your residential and commercial exterior cleaning needs.